The Music Box

{22 August, 2009}   Kerli

I was going through all of my favorite artists trying to figure out whether I wanted to start off with The AccoLade, Infected Mushroom, Trifonov, Souad Massi, or whether I wanted to research someone I didn’t even know much about yet for this week. Then I logged into MySpace yesterday and saw the bulletin from Moon Children and Kerli about her performance at Ollesummer Festival in Estonia today and decided the timing was appropriate.

I actually discovered Kerli last May thanks to Tamar Anitai’s MTV Buzzworthy feature on her. Kerli often says that no one knows about or visits Estonia, but I got to spend time in the capital, Tallinn, back in summer of 2003 thanks to a trip with my school: I saw that she was from Estonia, and ran off to watch her Walking On Air video. I was addicted to it for a solid four months.

Musically, she’s often compared to Björk, though I totally think Kerli is one of those artists whose style defies any strict classification. Visually, she manages to pull off (and rock) an ethereal gothic Alice In Wonderland style that can look overdone or just plain bad on most people. I’m also completely jealous of her hair.

So, sit back and let Kerli’s Walking On Air speak for itself. And if you’ve seen it already, sit back and watch it again. I know it’s been too long since I watched it.

You can find Kerli on her Official MySpace and you can purchase Love is Dead and the Walking On Air single on Amazon.


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