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{20 September, 2009}   Slavi Trifonov & Nevena Tsoneva

Ugh, my wireless connection hates me. I’m stealing internet from my mom’s old DSL line until the wireless stops being so finicky.

Anyway, welcome to another week. I remember about a year and a half ago I made a post about Silbermond over on my other LiveJournal, and got into a conversation with one girl about…I don’t even know how it came about, to be honest. But somehow we got into a discussion of trying to sample music from all over the world, and she mentioned this CD that her friend had picked up in Bulgaria. So I asked her to send me a sample or two – it turned out to be from Slavi Trifonov’s album Slavi.

Slavi Trifonov is a Bulgarian showman, actor, singer, and viola player, and he’s experimented with basically every kind of music. He hosts shows in Bulgaria and is basically the man over there it would seem.

The whole album Slavi is really quite catchy. I admit it might not be for anyone, but I love this song by him and the Bulgarian Idol winner Nevena Tsoneva.  Feel free to giggle at the video a bit though. I know I did…


{14 September, 2009}   Miyavi

For some reason, I really wanted to go to Japan with this post. Maybe it’s because it’s the music scene I’m most comfortable with and it felt weird not having a post with a Japanese artist yet, I’m not sure. I was considering entirely different musicians though, to be honest. Then I logged onto Twitter and saw all the early birthday greetings and realized that this was the perfect musician to cover in this post. The artist I’m covering turns twenty-eight tomorrow – technically today in Japan.

Miyavi started out at the age of 18 in the visual kei band Dué le quartz with the stage name “Miyabi,” which means elegance. In typical visual kei fashion, his clothing and presentation straddled the line between masculine and feminine, and he definitely has more photographs from that era in skirts than he does in pants. After the band dissolved, he set out on his own, changing his name to Miyavi. His music and visual style changed significantly, and it took a very experimental almost punk turn. His indie albums Gagaku and Galyuu are definitely my favorites.

He signed with PS Company and eventually Universal Music Group in 2004, and his first major album was called Miyavizm. Many releases later, his appearance and musical style have changed considerably.  In 2007 Miyavi made his U.S. debut, and joined the Japanese superband S.K.I.N (Gackt, Yoshiki, Sugizo, and Miyavi).

Since then, he’s come back to the U.S. sporadically, as well as touring in Europe. In March of this year, he married the Japanese singer Melody, and in July their daughter Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara was born.

Now with that very brief background, enjoy his song Selfish Love. I love his guitar work in this song.

{6 September, 2009}   Infected Mushroom

This is for the trance fan in all of us. I’ll admit I’m getting more and more into trance music, but don’t really have anyone to show me the ropes. I first heard Infected Mushroom at a party my friends at college were throwing. The name stuck with me when I asked what the music was, and then I looked it up when I got back to my room. I actually played Vicious Delicious in the car for my mom the other day and she called it “disco.” Hahaha.

I also just noticed they’re playing at Terminal 5 in NY in October, so I will most definitely be going.

If you think this video rocks as much as I think it does (you should hear the eight minute version of the song) and want to learn more:

Official Website

et cetera