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I think that it’s time to turn this into more of a concert blog than anything. I go to way too many concerts lately.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was able to go to the Emilie Autumn concert I mentioned in another post. It was incredibly fun; definitely worth the few years I’ve waited for Emilie to finally come (back) to this country.

Emilie Autumn is a singer, violinist, harpsichord player, poet, and writer. I usually describe her style to people as neo-Victorian gothic electronica if they really want to know, but typically when I start adding that many descriptors to a genre, I just leave it alone and let it speak for itself. Her stage show is a combination concert, burlesque show with a touch of circus thrown in.

Her backup band is known as The Bloody Crumpets, and between songs are skits and kissing games and even a fan dance. During songs The Bloody Crumpets occasionally come out and perform acrobatics over and among the audience on hoops and sheets. Each member of The Bloody Crumpets has her own “identity” in the Asylum – Veronica is the sexy nymphomaniac, Aprella the sweet maiden, Captain Maggot the deranged pirate captain (though I found her quite adorable), while Contessa is the proper lady.

It’s certainly a spectacle, and Emilie is incredibly charismatic (and sexy). The show is raunchy and inappropriate, but that’s certainly the point: Emilie finished the show with a striptease, and as I said on my Twitter, “After the vocalist is naked…it’s pretty much time to go.” The Rat Game, which ends in two girls kissing rather passionately, was fairly worrisome to me given the recent problems with seasonal flu as well as H!N1, but hey. Whatever floats your boat.

1. Intro/4 O’Clock
2. Opheliac
3. Liar
4. The Art of Suicide
5. I Want My Innocence Back
6. Shalott
8. God Help Me
9. Dead Is The New Alive
10. I Know Where You Sleep
11. 306
12. Misery Loves Company
13. Face The Wall (Emilie Violin Solo)
14. Mad Girl
15. Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody
Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

The Asylum: Official Website
Emilie Autumn Official MySpace

I hope that Dean (follow him on Twitter @dean_b, by the way) will forgive this last round of bad pictures. I didn’t have a new battery for my eight-year old digital camera yet, so I was still using the cell phone.
Better pictures can be found here thanks to knightmare6. I just feel odd posting someone else’s pictures on my own entry.

Captian Maggot on her hoop

Captian Maggot's Hoot 2

Maggot Hoop 3

Emilie and Contessa


Swallowing Fire

Emilie on her violin

Contessa Sheet Dance


{22 August, 2009}   Emilie Autumn: Tour Dates!

Friday, October 09: Toronto, ON, Opera House
Saturday, October 10: Montreal, QC, Les Saints
Monday, October 12: Cambridge, MA, Middle East
Tuesday, October 13: New York, NY, Highline Ballroom
Wednesday, October 14: Baltimore, MD, Bourbon Street Ballroom
Friday, October 16: Atlanta, GA, Masquerade
Saturday, October 17: Orlando, FL, The Social (early show)
Monday, October 19: Houston, TX, Meridian
Tuesday, October 20: Dallas, TX, Granada Theatre
Thursday, October 22: Mexico City, MX, El Circo
Saturday, October 24: Pomona, CA, Glasshouse
Sunday, October 25: Los Angeles, CA, Key Club
Tuesday, October 27: San Francisco, CA, Great American
Thursday, October 29: Portland, OR, Hawthorne Theatre
Friday, October 30: Vancouver, BC, The Rickshaw Theatre
Saturday, October 31: Seattle, WA, El Corazon
Monday, November 02: Salt Lake City, UT, Murray Theatre
Tuesday, November 03: Denver, CO, Bluebird
Wednesday, November 04: Lawrence, KS, Granada Theatre
Thursday, November 05: Minneapolis, MN, Varsity
Friday, November 06: Chicago, IL, Logan Square Auditorium

Visit Emilie’s Official Website and Ticketmaster for more information!

I’ll be at the New York show. 🙂

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