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{24 December, 2009}   Panik at Knust (2009.12.10)

Today Panik has released their last song as Panik. You can find it over on their Official Website with a free download. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to go ahead and post my pictures from the Panik concert at Knust.

To be honest, although I had friends that were big fans of the band, I had never really looked into them. When we heard that their last live in Germany was going to be in Hamburg while my friend Felicity and I were going to be there, we both bought tickets in a second.

The show was brilliant to be honest. The energy of the crowd, the band’s energy: it all made me really sorry that it had taken until their last concert as Panik to give them a shot. They’re dynamic performers and I really do like their music; and they seem so connected and appreciative of their fans. They’ve been riddled with bad luck as a band, both forcing them to first change their name a while back, and now finally go their separate ways. David and Timo are going to continue making music, however, so I hope everyone that loves them will follow their solo projects.

Their fans seem to be great girls and guys for the most part too. There were those that started a crazy mosh pit, and the others that stood off to the side where I was that just seemed to enjoy having fun and rocking out at a concert.

I wish all of the guys good luck in their future projects, and that no matter where the road takes them, they keep rocking out and rocking hard.


I have returned from my international wandering and concert extravaganza! The shows I saw while I was in Germany and France were fantastic, and I’ll try to give each one their due here. Thank you to everyone that read my interview with Space Cowboy, and thank you to everyone that’s still here with me.

The first concert I’ll be posting pictures from is the Samy Deluxe concert that was at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany on 06 December. This was the tour final of the Dis wo ich herkomm Teil 2 (Part 2) Tour, and for the final, Samy came home to Hamburg.

For those that were distressed by the loss of Samy’s cornrows, never fear, they’re back. He’s also man enough to hit the stage and rap in a collared shirt with a blazer.

The show was an utter blast. I had no idea what to expect from the crowd; honestly I was a little apprehensive since I wasn’t sure exactly how “hardcore” German rap concerts got, and I’m a rather skinny, poorly protected girl. But everyone there was completely cool, and honestly I think I’ve seen rougher kids at a Jonas Brothers concert. People genuinely seemed to be there to enjoy the music and have a good time. And to smoke and drink a few beers, which made them even more “my kind of people.”

Samy and the whole Deluxe Records crew gave off such positive energy, and instead of the angry, resentful, violent messages and emotions you get from so many rap performers in the U.S., they genuinely seemed to embrace a message of camaraderie, love and just having a great time. Included in the performance was a brass session and a four-piece string section, along with backup singers that seemed to spend as much time dancing around to Samy’s beats as they did singing. Everyone up on stage seemed to have as much fun as the people down in the crowd.

To be honest, the opening performer was unmemorable. The crowd seemed to enjoy him, and supported him fully, but when Samy took the stage, the energy really started flowing. He performed new songs, old songs, songs from his collaborations. My highlight of the night was when he did a few old songs from his Dynamite Deluxe unit, one of which was Weiter, which still may be one of my absolute favorite songs by him. Another highlight was that Samy not only treated us to three – count them: three – encores, he also did a freestyle. It was the last night of the tour, and Samy absolutely made sure it was a night to remember.

Samy Deluxe Official MySpace
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