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{24 December, 2009}   Panik at Knust (2009.12.10)

Today Panik has released their last song as Panik. You can find it over on their Official Website with a free download. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to go ahead and post my pictures from the Panik concert at Knust.

To be honest, although I had friends that were big fans of the band, I had never really looked into them. When we heard that their last live in Germany was going to be in Hamburg while my friend Felicity and I were going to be there, we both bought tickets in a second.

The show was brilliant to be honest. The energy of the crowd, the band’s energy: it all made me really sorry that it had taken until their last concert as Panik to give them a shot. They’re dynamic performers and I really do like their music; and they seem so connected and appreciative of their fans. They’ve been riddled with bad luck as a band, both forcing them to first change their name a while back, and now finally go their separate ways. David and Timo are going to continue making music, however, so I hope everyone that loves them will follow their solo projects.

Their fans seem to be great girls and guys for the most part too. There were those that started a crazy mosh pit, and the others that stood off to the side where I was that just seemed to enjoy having fun and rocking out at a concert.

I wish all of the guys good luck in their future projects, and that no matter where the road takes them, they keep rocking out and rocking hard.


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